Pattaya 2020

The misadventures of 3 fun seekers who stumble into a massive culture shock ending in unlikely romance, near death experiences and and a jolly good twist at the end.

Bangkok To Ben Nevis Backwards

The story covers a period of around 4-5 years and that includes my family’s emigration to India and Thailand and back again. 

Wallingford Wishing Well

A fantasy fiction novel set in my lovely town of Wallingford. Following the troubled life of local man Billy Cromwell, it is a quirky little tale with a lot of action and adventure.

Trade Words For Cash

This book does exactly what it says on the tin! Learn how to write for real money – right now!

Writing Your First Book

If you are struggling to get those words down, don’t get the blues, buy this!


Soi Dog Stories

Currently being written with love and truth x

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