So if you are looking for inspiration for your new found pallet furniture passion, look no further because here are 5 awesome suggestions that only need a single unit rather than two or three or more. The thing is about making your own pallet furniture, not only is it simple but you are also helping the planet by recycling what would otherwise just be lying around until it becomes garbage. So here are 5 cool projects that you can transform that single planet into some attractive and useful furniture.

Pallet Planting Box

So we’ll kick off with the delightful pallet planting box that can add so much rustic charm to either your home or garden. These cute little boxes are so in vogue right now and they can be constructed without even breaking sweat. This can be positioned outside your residential house windows or perhaps inside your home. The great thing about these is that you can use your single pallet and even have some wood left over. Depending on the colour and tone of your pallet wood, you can use the box in an area that compliments these features.

Wood Pallet Shelf

Our second choice is the classic wood pallet shelf, what could be easier? Depending on your skill level at DIY, you could opt for a simple one shelf design or go for something a little more ambitious. The wood itself can be left as is or if you have the time, why not add some varnish and create a thing that has both beauty and charm? Wine bottles and books are the typical choice for filling the shelf but you can experiment with pretty much anything that you want.

Hanging Pallet Chair

Okay, here we have a classic pallet furniture option, the one that many of us simply love to use, once constructed. All you need here is a strong tree and the desire to relax on a lovely afternoon or evening. Made from even sized planks and some stout rope, the hanging pallet chair is like a hammock but with more backbone. We’d suggest using a lighter shade of pallet if possible and add some resin as well as removing any uneven areas just in case splinters become an issue.

Pallet Headboard

If you have a thing about contrasts and rustic furniture, then the pallet headboard is a must for your next project. Perhaps after buying windows online, you can start to peruse the tutorials that are easy to find and download for that helping hand and, again, choose the pallet shade that works best with your existing bedroom tones. Of course, you will need to remove any rough edges before mounting onto your wall but that’s simple enough and you could have a new bedroom feature for next to nothing.

Pallet Coffee Table

So our final option is the good old pallet coffee table, some say that is where pallet furniture began. With this type of project you may wish to add a few features suck as a glass top or wheels, or just go as basic as you like. The choice really is yours and get ready to impress your guests as they do a double take on this cool addition to your home furniture.


We’ve barely scratched the surface here but hope that you pick on of our 5 suggestions for single pallet furniture.