If you are thinking seriously about increasing your monthly income and feel the need to start turning one of your hobbies into a side hustle that actually pays, you should read this article now. We’ve managed to find some incredible tips that will allow you to do exactly that and also will help you to find the right place and skill set to get your new side gig up and running. In 2020, there are many ways to create and manage a start up business so let’s not waste any more time and get the ball rolling right now.

What is your day job?

So if you are in a paid job already, then this is absolutely the best place to start as far as checking out your current skill set is concerned. You may think that your side gig needs to be a totally different area of expertise but don’t rush into this. Instead, look at what it is that makes you a valuable member of the team and see if there are any freelance roles out there waiting for you to fill them. The most important aspect of maintaining a paid side gig is to not only have the work offers but to also get the motivation to carry these out to your best abilities. It’s not easy to do that if you are tired from a day in the office or field and find that you are working when you used to be chilling out. Sure, the extra money is cool but you must be able to focus and deliver, that can only be achieved when doing something that you really enjoy.

Problem solving skills

If you have a full time role where your problem solving skills set you apart from the rest of your team, maybe this is the area where you can successfully create a side gig without a lot of hassle? Try and drill down to the part of the problem where you excel at and start looking online for freelance job offers. It could be something as mainstream as article writing or perhaps your editing skills are top notch? Freelance options are so attractive to your potential side gig customers because they offer a quick service without the hassle of long term contracts and all the paperwork that usually comes as part of that remit. Take a step back from your daily role and see if you are being asked to fix the same problems time and time again. If that is the case, use that skill set to find a similar role in the freelance world. Equally you may be the best at choosing the correct replacement windows for an older house. It’s especially valuable if you are the only team member that can accurately fulfil this task. Perhaps you are great at process management and find it easy to look for the best way at solving problems at work? Just remember to add a few bespoke options to your potential side gig customers to make your advert or sales pitch stand out from the rank and file and you will soon be turning offers away due to the fact you have so many of them.

What do you dislike the most?

If you find that there is a factor to your day role that really annoys you, why not take a closer look and see if that can be fixed? You see, the chances are that if this problem exists in your industry, there is certainly going to be a gap that exists in the world of side gig job markets that is just waiting to be filled. Perhaps it’s a colleague who is always asking you to help with finalising their documentation or maybe another team member is looking for ways to make that particular process more streamlined? If you are always the one that they come to for sage advice, perhaps this can be a transferable skill that will also be in demand in the freelance world? You see, sometimes what seems second nature to you may be way too complicated for a small business that has no option but to look for external help with exactly the same thing. All that is required from you is to isolate the process and start looking for ways to exploit this weakness in the market and transform it into a way to make money and help others simultaneously.

Helping people

So just to simplify your ideal side gig, you really must find a skill that helps others to fulfil their roles. For whatever reason, they have discovered this shortfall and are unable to offer a full time role to fix that issue. Side gigs are all about using what you have to help others to achieve their goals. This could be a product or service but you are the person that can facilitate their objectives. That is why your role is potentially valuable and can be turned into a lucrative and enjoyable position of trust. The great thing about this type of work is that you can actually start right now because you are already an expert. You may even know where your potential customer demographic exists due to the nature and contacts that exist within your current full time role. Sure, you need some courage to start out on your own but if you have digested the above content, it will be far easier to succeed and you need to remember the key reason that you started in the first place. If you are doing this for the right reasons, it’s not just about adding to your earning potential, but also helping others in a way that ensures that you are always the person for that job in the future.

The final piece of advice here is to not delay this idea because perhaps there are others also ready to make the move, You can hone those skills booth in and out of the workplace, start to take control and watch as your side gig begins to improve your life right in front of your eyes.