So, you have found the home you want to spend the rest of your life in, your family loves it and you are ready to make this happen. But what about the future, in maybe twenty- or thirty-years’ time? You see, no matter how well you look after yourself and each other, there will come a time when your physical being starts to show signs of slowing down. Those stairs might seem a little bit steeper than last year and that garden has more trip hazards than you can remember. Well fear not, because we have dug deep and found 3 ways that will make those dreams  come true and allow you stay in your forever home as long as you want.


This is often referred to as the most important room in the house, so let’s do our best to keep it that way. This hub is the place where most of the family tend to congregate and that’s all well and good, but did you know that most domestic accidents also happen here? Start by looking at the positions of your fridge, cooker and oven and work from there. These should be placed in a triangle shape to allow easy access when cooking. Try to scale the shape down to allow for the time when it’s a little more difficult to get from one place to the other. Even with the ample natural lighting supplied by your Camrose replacement windows, visibility in the kitchen is vital for the time when your eyesight isn’t quite as good as it used to be. Install bright task-lighting if possible and place it above where the chopping and washing up areas are located.


This is another room that will see a lot of family traffic all the year round but can present hazards for the not so young. The shower should be as flush to the floor as possible and grab rails must be a consideration for the whole room. Lighting also needs to be bright so compliment the double pane or triple pane windows you installed by upgrading the ceiling or wall lighting system. The bath would benefit greatly by being upgraded to a walk-in model. You can also think about having a seat style modification to allow for a more comfortable bathing experience.


Unless you decided on a bungalow, those stairs are going to provide an issue as the decades start to roll by. So, start looking into a stair-lift that removes the danger and strain in one fell swoop. Dizziness, and creaking joints and lack of energy will all conspire to add an element of doubt to what should be a routine activity. You may also consider a home lift as these not only make that manoeuvre even safer but also add some value to your family home, should you ever wish to sell. These modifications to your upstairs access point can usually be completed in one day and, so long as you shop around, you can get a good ROI on this home improvement device.

Remember, we all get older eventually but if your home is future proofed as we have suggested, your comfort and enjoyment will continue for many safe years.