Phil Hall is a modest soul who doesn’t enjoy bragging about the fact he’s a talented guitarist who can play most genres so long as his amplifier is overdriven to 11 and he’s playing a Les Paul.

He’s also a skilled martial artist who has dabbled with Muay Thai, Krav Maga, BJJ, Judo and Origami.

But writing is where his heart really belongs and he had written dozens of books by the time he was 18 and then realised that these needed to be published if anyone was ever to read them.

To date, Phil has written 5 books all self-published and available here.

5 books and 5 totally different genres:

  • Memoirs/travel
  • Fantasy Fiction
  • Comedy/Adult fiction
  • Self help for content writers
  • Self help for novelists

If you are wondering which book falls into which category, why not buy all 5 and review them at your leisure?

You’ll find Phil Hall in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, but he’s a globe trotting soul who has plans to spend at least a year in Medellin as he’s heard they are a real peaceful people who have yet to discover the pleasure of the ‘other’ soft drink…Pepsi.

Born in Scotland and raised in Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Worcester, Phil is a torture soul who intends to settle in North-East Thailand one day when all this craziness subsides.

If you need that extra special touch for your website content or any type of copy writing, Phil Hall is certainly not the worst choice you could make. Get in touch here.