Pattaya 2020

So, my current baby has just been released in both e-book and paperback versions and it’s written from the heart. I first visited the bad, mad, sad, glad, [insert your own monosyllabic here] town of Pattaya in the late 1980’s and this party venue makes Las Vegas look like a retirement home.

Mainly fiction but with dozens of real life memories interwoven into the plot, Pattaya 2020 offers a positive spin on the ‘Adult Playground of South-East Asia’

Also known as ‘Sodom and Gomorrah by the sea’ Pattaya is one of those places that literally ruins the rest of the world for those who enjoy the bar scene and all that accompanies it.

The book contains a novel, real life interviews with its inhabitants and some stunning black and white photography as well as some epic ‘bar girl’ images.

Buy it now and then book your flight before this place goes the same way as other once legendary seaside haunts.

Wallingford Wishing Well

My second book could not have been more different by comparison to my debut. Written in my current hometown of Wallingford, it’s a fantasy fiction novel with lots of twists.

Totally written on the fly and including some characters that everybody can relate to, Wallingford Wishing Well was a pleasure to write and I hope that you will agree.

Wallingford is a very cool place to live and has many historical links going back to William The Conqueror, Oliver Cromwell and Agatha Christie to name but three.

It’s been described as a fast fun read and I would tend to agree – check out the reviews or decide for yourself!

Bangkok To Ben Nevis Backwards

I wrote this book as a tribute to my dear Dad who passed away a few years back after a long and terribly brave fight against Dementia. It coincided with my immediate family emigrating to India and subsequently Thailand. The book documents the events and adventures we experienced in these incredibly vibrant and diverse countries.

The common theme is culture shock and adapting to this collection of emotions and experiences. Throughout the book, my Dad’s demise is also part and parcel of the whole 36 months.

It’s a hell of a ride and although my timing was, as per usual, absolutely rubbish, I just know that Dad would have been proud of the way we handled ourselves and he would have never wanted things to have been put on hold despite his inevitable fate.

Check out the reviews and you’ll see that the book managed to touch many hearts and minds.

Trade Words For Cash

This book is ideal for those aspiring article writers who just need a friendly push in the right direction. Not only will it get you up and running but also contains live links to companies who are waiting for you to get in contact. It’s less than the price of a pint of beer so what are you waiting for ?



This eBook will allow first time writer to make the break into creating their very first book. It contains pointers and tips that allowed me to write my first book. I wasn’t lucky enough to have  a point of reference like this so why not download it and see your own words transformed into a potential best seller?